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2019  Chronotrack searchable   results and photos coming soon after the event
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2016 Finish line photography
2015 Photo album by James Moreland

Race was cancelled midway at 11:40am due to extreme weather.

2014 Race cancelled (extreme weather) In pictures



Forecasts of record-setting low temperatures and wind chill led us to postpone the race on Thursday evening. Our announced backup-date was Sunday, February 22, but availability of volunteers required a late change to Saturday, February 21. Then, earlier-than-expected snow accumulation forced us to cancel the race at 11:40am, while it was in progress, and get runners back to safety. We have partial split times at 9.7 and 17.0 miles:


A storm, thawing and re-freezing led to unsafe course conditions in 2014 and we canceled the race on Thursday evening. For some photos of what the course looked like on Sunday morning, check out this photo album.

Course Records

Division Who Year Time
Male Bobby Doyle (28), Central Falls, RI 1978 2:22:14
Female Rose Malloy (39), Annapolis, MD 1988 2:53:39
Male Master Jim McDonogh (45), New York, NY 1969 2:31:58
Female Master Claudia Ciarvarella (43), Arlington, VA 1993 3:13:17